Autumnal Kickstarter

Hi Everyone!!!  So, we’ve recorded 11 awesome tracks, and are planning a release for the Spring of 2013.  I like many other artists are having a hard financial time, and are taking advantage of things like Kickstarter.  Many of you have seen/heard this band, and I hope that you like us enough to help us raise some funds.  Please review the link, and if you can, help us out with a donation.  I only have until Nov 26, 2012 to raise the money, so …..  Hope to hear from you.

In other news, we made a successful debut in Somerville’s own Joe’s Jazz and Blues Fest, and at Ryles Jazz Club.

Hope to see you/hear from you soon!

Here is the link to our campaign. –

2 thoughts on “Autumnal Kickstarter”

  1. I personally had to share this blog post, “Autumnal Kickstarter Agachiko” together with my pals
    on facebook .com. Ionly desired to distributed your
    fantastic publishing! Thx, Nila

    1. Thank you Nila!!! We were successful, and are ready to press cd’s! The actual release date is pushed back to August, but that is fine. Thanks again!

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